CRM for Sage
Financial Systems

Track all activities and interactions with your customers.

Sell smarter and faster, with Paradigm

Bringing all your customer information into a single platform that's tightly integrated with your financial system. Nurture your relationships with leads and customers by tracking all tasks, interactions and documentation processed against their accounts.

Connect With Your Customers

Using CRM software for Sage financial systems.


Capture Sales Opportunities

Track and nurture your sales opportunities from first contact, to done deal.

Manage Leads

Manage all interactions with your leads and start building your customer relationships.

Account Information

Keep all of your account information up-to-date in a central location for your teams to access.

Tasks and Activities

Track all projects, tasks and interactions you have with your customers and contacts.

Scoreboard Notifications

Use scoreboard notifications to make sure you always follow up and make contact with your customers when it matters.

Documentation and Contracts

Manage your customer contracts, attach all your documentation and process all related transactions.

Work Faster, Better, Together

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