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What is POPIA?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (the POPI Act or POPIA) is finally here and expert guidance will be needed by businesses to unpack the Act and the implications of not adhering by 1 July 2021.

Data protection and data privacy issues effect all business and industries, not only in South Africa but across the world. Conformity with South Africa’s regulations and protecting individuals’ privacy is not just a legal issue. Failure to respect people’s privacy or safeguard the security of their data can severely damage a company’s brand and impact buying decisions.

It is mandatory for all companies to be POPIA compliant.  Section 114(1) of POPIA provides that once the commencement date is promulgated, South Africans will have a transitional period of 12 months in which to comply with POPIA.

As custodians of your software data and hosting security we have completed our due diligence by becoming POPIA compliant. We have partnered with a trustworthy service provider to offer our customers POPIA compliance services where we generate a compliancy online with minimal physical onsite interaction. 

We offer this service at a nominal rate and if you select us as your compliancy provider, we issue a certificate stating you are in the process of compliancy.

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