Customisable Software

Extend the functionality of your accounting system with operational software that is powerful and flexible enough to digitise and automate all of your business processes.

Paradigm is built on a flexible framework that allows you to customise the application to meet your specific business requirements.

Drag & Drop Form Design

All Paradigm forms can be customised to suit your specific operating environment and workflow. This allows you to build an application using the terminologies that your teams and departments can relate to.

Add an unlimited amount of new fields, rename field captions, re-organise forms with groups and tabs, add splitters, space separators and static text fields to any form.

Field Validations

Information Message
No popup message displayed, only prompts the user on the form with a icon, with the option to ignore it.

Warning Message:
Displays popup message prompting the user to complete field, with the option to ignore it.

Critical Error Message
Displays a popup message instructing the user to complete the validated field, with no option to ignore it.

Field Masking

Mask fields of a particular type and force them to be captured in a specific format using Regular Expressions. Set masks on virtually anything.

Email Addresses

IP Addresses

South African ID and Passport Numbers

Conditional Formatting

Create conditional format rules, if the rule is met then Paradigm will auto apply your pre-defined formatting to the assigned fields. For example:

If Type equals Design then make Design Instructions the colour Pink

Calculated Fields

Create your own calculated fields using the Paradigm Expression builder. Existing fields and data can be used in your calculations. For example:

Estimated Hours multiplied by Hourly Rate plus the Once-off Travel Fee equals to the Total Cost

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