Manufacturing Software

An intuitive manufacturing software solution that is fully integrated with Xero Accounting and South Africa's most widely used financial software, Sage Pastel Partner and Sage 200 Evolution.

Flexible Software

To control your manufacturing processes.

Grow your business with confidence. Our manufacturing software is designed to scale alongside your production environment. Whether you are a small or large enterprise, our solution adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring that you are well-equipped for future challenges.

  • Inventory Buffer Level Management
  • Production Replenishment Suggestions
  • Plan and Prioritise Production Runs
  • Complex Bill Of Materials with Sub-Assemblies
  • Batch & Serial Number Tracking
  • Production Issues, Wastage and Variances
  • Work In Progress Management
  • Production Routing & Task Workflows
  • Production Timesheets
  • Quick Assemblies & Auto Manufacturing
  • Quality Control Testing

Mobile Barcode Scanning

For simplified data collection and inventory management.

Use the Paradigm Mobile Scanning App to record stock movements in real-time as they are happening on the production floor.

  • Production Transfer Scanning into WIP
  • Scan / Record Raw Materials Issued to Production
  • Scan / Record Finished Goods Produced
  • Auto Manufacture FG Quantities from the App

Device and OS independent, the Paradigm Mobile Scanning app is used on state-of-the-art barcode reading hardware such as Cipher Lab or Honeywell, using the latest Android Operating Systems.

Read more about Cipher Lab and Honeywell.


Demand driven production replenishment telling your team what to produce next.


Setup low value consumable items and automatically backward flush based on actual finished goods produced.

Production Transfers

Configure raw material and production warehouses and auto transfer raw material requirements to the factory.

Production Timesheets

Allow operators to capture timesheets with start/stop functionality. Setup shifts and working hours for timesheet automation.

Buffer Priorities

End to end management from stock control and demand-driven replenishment to purchasing, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

Purchasing Issues

Link purchase order lines directly to production tickets to be consumed and amortised into the finished goods cost.

Bill of Materials

Manage complex Bill of Materials with units of measure conversions, sub-assemblies, auto issues, whole unit issues, specific gravity, and wastage % calculations.

Production Reversals

Noticed discrepancies after processing the production run? Easily reverse production stock transactions.

Finished Goods

Execute simple and complex finished good production processes with multiple FG Costing methods.

By-Product Production

Specify additional By-Product on a production run to be manufactured into stock.

Bill of Material Replacements

Specify additional By-Product on a production run to be manufactured into stock.

Automatic Manufacturing

Automatically generate production tickets directly from sales orders.

Raw Materials

Manage raw material consumption with manual or automatic issuing processes. Analyse theoretical vs actual usage.

Quality Control

Automatically created quality control tests to be completed when producing certain finished goods products.

Production Tasks

Setup production routes and task workflows linked to each bill of material. Tasks automatically assigned to the next responsible department.


Need custom development for tailoring the system to meet your unique business processes and requirements? Don't worry, Paradigm Software is completely customisable!

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