Sales Management

Bringing all your customer information into a single platform that's tightly integrated with your financial system. Nurture your relationships with leads and customers by tracking all tasks, interactions and documentation processed against their accounts.

Transform your Sales Process

Enhance customer relationships and drive success.

Lead Management

Efficiently manage your leads from acquisition to conversion. Our Sales Software allows you to capture, track, and prioritise your sales opportunities. Never let a potential sale slip through the cracks again.

Pipeline Management

Visualise your sales pipeline effortlessly, track deals through every stage of the sales process, identify bottlenecks, and optimise your strategy to ensure a steady flow of successful conversions.

Contact Management

Track all site visits, tasks and customers interactions  with easy-to-use tools, and gain visibility of your entire teams daily sales activities.

All the Tools You Need

To process orders and analyse performance.

Order Processing

Easily navigate through the system, confirm quotations and process orders with just a few clicks.

Mobile App

Empower your sales team to be productive on the go. Allow your sales team to access critical information, update records, create quotations and sales orders from their mobile devices.

Reports and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your sales activities with our customisable reporting and analytics tools. Identify trends, monitor sales budgets vs actuals, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your sales strategy.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

For simplified data collection and order processing.

Use the Paradigm Mobile Scanning App to dispatch orders and process sales returns in real-time.

  • Sales Order Picking / Scanning
  • Scan Returns and Process Credit Notes

Device and OS independent, the Paradigm Mobile Scanning app is used on state-of-the-art barcode reading hardware such as Cipher Lab or Honeywell, using the latest Android Operating Systems.

Read more about Cipher Lab and Honeywell.

Buffer Priorities

Prioritise orders with a colour coded, time-based priority system driven by delivery dates.

Delivery Notes

Setup a delivery structure that works. Delivery Note per invoice or multiple deliveries and a single invoice.

Price Adjustments

Manage global price increases by bulk updating pricelists using the price adjustment utility.

Retail POS

Seamless integration with retail point-of-sale system Sonata POS.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI integration with major retailers. Automatically receive sales orders and claim request from the retailer.

Sales Opportunities

Manage your pipeline with sales opportunities and lead management.

Customer Invoicing

Manage partial invoicing of orders, professional pdf layouts, bulk emailing and bulk posting.

Deal Sheets

Manage customer contract pricing, seasonal specials and volume discount pricing using deal sheets.

Counter Sales

Sales ordering screens optimised to process invoices for walk-in customers.

Recurring Invoices

Setup customer contracts with automated recurring invoices generated on set frequencies.

Sales Quotations

Streamline your sales process and get your quotations to the customer first.

Credit Notes

Easily generate customer credit notes from the originating invoice.

Credit Approvals

Setup multilevel credit note approval processes. Dynamic approval requests depending on credit values.

Deposits and Payments

Manage minimum deposit requirements, capture payments and process cashups into Sage.

Document Templates

Assist sales reps by allowing them to import standard document templates and layouts.

Sales Orders

Manage outstanding orders with customisable document processing platform.

Pricing Management

Manage customer linked pricelists, default pricelists, warehouse level pricing and future pricing.

Credit Control

Manage customer credit limits, available balances and document level credit limit overrides.

E-Commerce Integration

Seamless integration with Woocommerce website for customers, inventory and sales invoices.


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