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No minimum contract period.

Subscription fees are payable monthly in advance and the application is licensed every 31 days.


What payment methods are available?

Pay your monthly subscription via stop order, debit order or direct EFT. Software is re-licensed automatically upon clearance of monthly subscription payment.


Can I add my own Scoreboards and Dashboards?

Unlimited customised scoreboard and dashboard items can be added to meet your specific business requirements.


Is there on-site support services available?

Receive on-site support services for implementation, training and consulting in selected regions represented by Paradigm Authorised Resellers.

No credit application.

There is no credit approval required. Simply pay for and use Paradigm Software on a month-to-month basis.


Integrated with my accounting software?

Paradigm Software is an authorised 3rd party developer for Sage Pastel and seamlessly integrates with Sage Pastel Evolution ERP.


Is Paradigm Software available outside of South Africa?

Yes, purchase, install and use Paradigm Software anywhere in the world. Remote support will be provided for installation and setup if required.


What remote support services are available?

Included in your monthly subscription fee, receive unlimited telephonic/remote access support desk services during working hours, 08:30 - 16:30. (GMT +2)

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