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Dashboards are truly empowering to all departments of a business. You don’t have to be a trained analyst to understand the data displayed on dashboards. They are specifically designed to bring all the departments together and better the collaboration between team members. They are aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible and informative. This powerful tool is a necessity in every workspace. Dashboards are an interactive way of reporting data and keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page at all times.

Our Dashboards are Enterprise Ready

With Paradigm Dashboards, creating insightful and information-rich decision support platforms for executives and business users is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate User Interface Data Controls and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series. Paradigm Dashboard automatically provides the best data visualisation option for you; thus, results are immediate, accurate and always relevant.

It allows you to dig deep and identify trends with drill-down and data filtering. Each dashboard UI element used within a dashboard can instantly provide additional insights into your data. Dashboard elements can filter by series, arguments, and even cross filter data from other sources. These filters (activated using a single click) allow the UI element itself to control the set of data visualized across the entire dashboard.

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Track, monitor and manage the most important metrics of your business with powerful visuals and keep your teams motivated to achieve company goals. Work smarter, not harder!

The Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard displays all the necessary information for important decision making. It allows the leaders of a business to glance at the present and past happenings of the company, and contributes to knowledge of future company projection.

The Sales Dashboard

Sales are the backbone of every company. The sales team and their performance is usually the first topic brought up in the executives’ boardroom. The sales department’s metrics are of a competitive nature, as the team is extremely data-driven, which results in delivering better performance in the workplace.

The Marketing Dashboard

The marketing department plays an important role in generating leads and brand awareness for a business by utilising various different marketing channels from email marketing to social media to digital marketing. All of these marketing channels should constantly be tracked, in real-time, to rate the effectiveness thereof and to see whether there is a return on investment (ROI).

The Operations Dashboard

Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory across hosts, uptime, bugs, project completion rates are monitored by operations dashboards. This ensures that everything is running and functioning as planned. This allows employees to act as swiftly as possible if something goes wrong. Dashboards are a powerful tool in proper maintenance in the workspace.

Easy to Use Dashboards Designers

The Paradigm’s Dashboard designer allows you to create fully interactive business intelligence dashboards. Its Microsoft Office inspired design-time UI provides a user experience that simplifies all aspects of data binding, data shaping, dashboard and UI layout. Paradigm Dashboards Designer makes the complex and time-consuming aspects of dashboard design a thing of the past by introducing a fully optimised drag & drop design surface so you can deliver professional business-oriented dashboards in record time.

Data Controls

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