Virtual Private Server Hosting

Move your business into the cloud and work from anywhere, anytime by hosting your Sage Evolution 200, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Payroll or VIP Premier Payroll. Our tech-savvy and dedicated team have your hosting requirements covered. We are committed to our partnership with you, allowing your business the opportunity to grow.

Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting.

A cloud hosted server solution for Sage Evolution 200, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Payroll or VIP Premier Payroll.


Software Maintenance

Our hosting packages include all installations and upgrades of your business management software.


Best of breed anti-virus software (AVS), intrusion detection / prevention and anti-ransomware.

Remote Access

We'll manage the server security permissions and remote access credentials for all of your users.

Database Backups

We manage a subscription on your behalf for off-site backups of your critical data.

Disaster Recovery

Managing your Disaster Recovery plan, with full system backups, restore, failover and recovery.

Locally Hosted

All of our servers are hosted in world-class South African data centres.

Managed Hardware

Server performance monitored by the Paradigm team and at the data centres.

Speed and Scalability

Hardware that will grow with your business. Request more processing power, extra RAM or storage.

Reliable Infrastructure

Data centres offer facilities with high level access control, power-outage and fire prevention.

No Setup Costs

Free server setup, installation of your Sage software and migration of your data to get you started.

No Contracts

We won't lock you into any long-term agreement. Your hosted server subscription is month-to-month.

Access your Sage business software on a managed Virtual Private Server.

With Paradigm’s world class and reliable managed services, you’ll have the best support and added value for your business with hosted servers located in South African data centres. Our high-end hosting always utilises the latest technology and comes with luxury features like automatic backup, upgrades, live monitoring, best of breed anti-virus software (AVS), intrusion detection and prevention as well as anti-ransomware that protects your confidential data.

Alleviate the risks of hardware failure or loss. Abolish the need for capital spend and have access from anywhere in the world. In conjunction with the operational software we have various in-house Sage Accounting and Sage Pastel Payroll software hosting skills that will ensure you will never have to worry about an upgrade ever again. We also provide software subscriptions for Office 365.

"Paradigm has been hosting our operational systems for a number of years, allowing us ease of access and responding quickly and efficiently on support when required. Thanks to Andries and the Paradigm Team for ongoing support and advice.”

Pieter Conradie, Director of Accountability

Your step-by-step guide on how to get started and successfully move your business to the cloud.


Step 1

Give us a call

Step 2

Get a quote

Step 3

Give the go ahead

Step 4

Setup project transfer

Step 5

Project transfer roll-out

Step 6

Quality control

Step 7


Step 8

Performance analysis

Step 9

Routine reporting

Step 10

Regular reassesments

Packages from only

R2 500.00 per month

Excluding applicable VAT

terms & conditions apply

"I must be honest, it is really a pleasure working with Paradigm. Being a director, I've never come across 
a more humble and technically sound professional team before."

Laurence Dos Ramos,
Aspire Independent ICT Service Provider

Frequently asked Questions

Moving to the Cloud might seem like a big step. Here we answer some questions and concerns you might have:


How fast does my internet have to be to use the remote server?

Internet access speeds have increased substantially over the last couple of years. We have found that a 4MB ADSL or 3G is usually sufficient for a decent connection.

What are the chances of data loss or corruption?

The server hardware being used is built for stability and rigorous use and has built in features to ensure high availability. Data remains on the server with only user inputs that are sent over the internet.

How much control do I have over my data?

Your data remains fully under your control. This is compared with the pure cloud accounting systems where data is stored in a multi-tenant environment.

Is my data secure?

The physical server hardware is housed in a secure data centre with all the secure and backup systems in place to ensure high availability. This included security access control, climate control and failover backup generators in case of power failures.

How will I be billed?

The service is provided on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis and is billed monthly with a one month cancellation period.

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