Purchasing Software

Configure the system to perfectly manage your procurement processes, requisitions, approvals, supplier management and inventory replenishment.

Empower your Team

To manage stock levels & ensure product availability.

Buffer Level Management

Gain instant insights into your stock levels. Our real-time inventory buffer level system provides a clear overview of stock quantities, helping you make informed decisions on restocking and order fulfillment.

Replenishment Suggestions

Say goodbye to stockouts and overstock situations. Our software uses intelligent algorithms to analyse buffer level penetration and automatically trigger replenishment orders.

Reports and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your procurement activities with our customisable reporting and analytics tools. Identify trends, monitor spending patterns, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your procurement strategy.

Purchase Approval Software

User-friendly interface to simplify the procurement process.

Order Processing

Easily navigate through the system, submit purchase requests, and track approvals with just a few clicks.

Customisable Approval Workflows

Tailor approval workflows to match your organisation's structure. Define specific approval hierarchies, set spending limits, and ensure compliance with company policies effortlessly.

Mobile App

Stay connected and in control, even on the go. Our software is accessible on mobile devices, enabling users to approve purchase orders anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

To receipt goods into stock in real-time.

Use the Paradigm Mobile Scanning App to scan and receipt goods into stock, as soon they are delivered by your suppliers.

  • Generate Barcode Labels in Paradigm
  • Scan to Confirm goods received for the Purchase Order
  • Generate the GRV Transaction in Real-time 

Device and OS independent, the Paradigm Mobile Scanning app is used on state-of-the-art barcode reading hardware such as Cipher Lab or Honeywell, using the latest Android Operating Systems.

Read more about Cipher Lab and Honeywell.

Material Replenishment

Demand driven material replenishment. Confirm quantities and auto create purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

Manage your ordering with simple capturing screens, professional layouts, auto emailing and more.

Import Costs

Add additional imports cost allocations. Manually or automatically amortise costs across goods purchased.

Supplier Rebates

Setup rebates percentages per supplier and automatically calculate and generate supplier rebate transactions.

Buffer Priorities

Prioritise orders with a colour coded, time-based priority system driven by supplier delivery dates.

Goods Receiving

Effortlessly manage partial receiving of stock by auto generating GRN’s from purchase orders.


Purchase goods in multi-currencies from foreign based supplier. Automatic or manual exchange rate allocations.

Automatic Purchasing

Automatically generate purchase order directly from sales orders.

Purchase Enquiries

Manage the Request for Quotation (RFQ) process. Send to suppliers, receive quotes, analyse, approve and generate orders.

Supplier Returns

Easily generate supplier return documents from the originating supplier invoice.

Supplier Management

Manage linked product suppliers with minimum order qty (MOQ), incremental order qty (IOQ), lead times and purchase prices.

Purchasing Approvals

Setup multi-level purchase order approval processes. Dynamic approval requests depending on order values.

Quality Control

Automatically created quality control tests when purchasing certain products. Process QC tests upon goods received.

Supplier Contract Pricing

Manage supplier contract with set prices, by product with start and end dates. Populates purchase order prices accordingly.


Need custom development for tailoring the system to meet your unique business processes and requirements? Don't worry, Paradigm Software is completely customisable!

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