Changing our lives for the better with “The Internet of Everything”

The number of things connected to the Internet in 2008 exceeded the number of people on earth.  By 2020, it’s expected that 50 billion things will be connected, and this goes way beyond ‘things’, it becomes ‘everything’ or simply the Internet of Everything (IoE).  The IoE ecosystem will connect the online and physical worlds in ways we’ve never imagined and society will become increasingly technology-driven as a result. There’s not a part of our lives that will go untouched.  Automation will take on a new meaning, data value management will be accentuated by the richness of data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will ingest the data to drive intelligent insights and outcomes we’ve never seen before.

The Human API Will Evolve

The IoE will encompass every area of our lives, transforming the way we provide healthcare, and the way we live, work and learn.  It will re-engineer our lives through what we increasingly refer to as the ‘human API’ enabling us to interface with various connected systems in ways that are hard to anticipate.  The scope of biometrics will expand from what we understand today, to include gestures, emotions, expressions, and many more aspects, triggering automated system reactions to complement, ease, or enhance our activities.

Leading technology innovators are already finding life-changing use cases for the IoE and human API. Dimension Data recently worked with NTT R&D and Deakin University in Australia on a project that uses virtual reality, biometric sensors, wearables, and data analytics to transform the way that firefighters are trained.

This innovation, known as the FLAIM Trainer®, reproduces all the forces and elements that impact a firefighter, connecting the virtual and the physical.  It allows firefighters to train for dangerous scenarios that are difficult, expensive, and environmentally harmful to reproduce in reality.  It incorporates a patented digital bio-sensing fabric developed by NTT, called Hitoe™, which provides real-time data on firefighters’ vital signs such as heart rate, stress, and fatigue. When aggregated, this data allows instructors to assess a trainee’s fitness and mental state to fight in any given fire scenario.

– Article courtesy of Dimension Data

Internet of Everything showcases a huge potential rise in big data and this data, if processed correctly can deliver many useful insights for businesses.

Internet of everything is expected to reinvent the business wheel all-together. From processes, models to business moments everything is expected to change with the change in data available for critical decision making.

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