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Gasket and Shim Industries (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1995 and are based in the Western Cape. They serve a diverse range of industries nationwide supplying components and aim to be the biggest supplier of soft-cut components in South Africa.

Like many other companies they joined the digital age by using a computerised financial system, mainly to invoice. As their business grew, their needs changed. They wanted more control of their operations, so they started looking for a system to help them do that.

They shortlisted Paradigm Software and another ERP system. The advantage for Paradigm Software was that the software was operated in the cloud which meant that no on premise server hardware was necessary, neither onsite skilled IT specialists due to the Paradigm Hosting division offering a tech-savvy and dedicated team that covered all their hosting requirements. Another plus was that Paradigm Software could offer comprehensive reports and information retrieval in real time at a touch of a button. The other shortlisted software company couldn’t compete at the level required.

In business you need to know instantly what your stock levels are, if your customers have paid, what quotes are out there and Paradigm Software does all this extremely well, says Charles Marx, Managing Director of Gasket and Shim.

They save costs with Paradigm due to their business having a more productive workflow in place and they save on 2 staff members cost to company that they would have had to employ if they didn’t have Paradigm Software.

We asked Gasket and Shim to describe their experience working with Paradigm Software and they said, it’s effective with real time information instantly on hand that took hours to input before Paradigm was implemented. The investment in Paradigm Software was and is a worthwhile investment.

Paradigm Software are delighted to partner with Gasket and Shim as a front-end operation software system that offers them a feature-rich solution that manages their operations, customers, suppliers, inventory, orders, factory orders and much more, that fully integrates into Sage Pastel Partner, Sage 200 Evolution and Xero accounting systems. Both companies continue to work side by side to build a more productive and efficient business for Gasket and Shim.

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