YMS Moving Forward in Success with Paradigm

YMS Medical Supplies (Pty) Ltd, a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler, is a proudly South African company based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town with more than 60 years of experience in medical supply, procurement, and training.

YMS offers a variety of products to a large range of industries establishing them in South Africa as a leading medical supply company. They sell over 20,000-line items and import, export, manufacture, assemble and wholesale.

They required a software solution that would streamline their daily activities by automating some of their business processes to improve customer service by minimizing human errors and provide them with accurate reports.

With the ability to work in conjunction with Sage and simplify their operational processes, Paradigm was an attractive and beneficial solution for YMS.

One of the main obstacles that Paradigm was able to solve for YMS was to ease the implementation of batches. Their stock can now be received and invoiced using batches. The stocktaking process can be done using batches and now takes half a day with Paradigm’s software instead of an entire day. Another time saving area in operations is during the picking process where Paradigm shows the picker where to get the item by providing the bin and batch.

Theo Galawe, YMS’s IT Manager describes Paradigm’s software as an easy to use and accessible interface for all departments within their business. They would recommend Paradigm as a business solution because it serves as both a CRM and stock management system which is cost effective and has a systematic approach for a successful implementation process.

The investment in Paradigm is saving YMS money and making their business more efficient and productive. The extensive software features cater for growth as the company expands.

In the business world, longevity is valued, loyalty is valued and YMS depend on these attributes teamed with their partnership with Paradigm to continue moving forward in success.

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