Heart FM Introduces Paradigm to the World

On Tuesday 28 April 2020, the Captain of our Paradigm Ship, Steve Anderson was invited by Heart FM to introduce the Paradigm business to the listeners on the Lunch with Clarence Ford show.

There was much excitement in our respective lockdown offices at home leading up to Steve going live on air.

Steve started out his chat with Clarence by saying we started our sister company in 1990 and embarked on the exciting journey with Paradigm in 2015 and have since partnered with over 100 companies to make their businesses the best they can be.

Steve explained in a nutshell what Paradigm Software and Hosting’s business was about.  He enlightened the listeners that we developed a full ERP software application that provides a single platform where the focus is on workflow in order to optimise Supply-Chain and Manufacturing processes, and that our software integrates the financial transactions into either Sage Pastel Partner or Sage Evolution.

Steve, also spoke about our reliable server hosting and management offering. This adds an invaluable service to our customers especially in today’s work from home world. Paradigm Hosting also offers Microsoft Office365 and all other Microsoft products on a month to month basis, without any contracts.  It is not necessary to subscribe to Paradigm Software in order to use our hosting offering.

Clarence wanted to know what Paradigm can do for people in the lockdown and beyond. Steve said we can offer them a full hosting service including reliable infrastructure, data backups, disaster recovery, software maintenance and much more. Our experienced and dedicated team will have your business up and running in the cloud within 24 hours. Since lockdown, we have had quite an uptake on this offering. We specialise in hosting Sage Partner, Sage Evolution, Sage Partner Payroll and Sage VIP Payroll.

We love that we introduced Clarence to a whole new world, and we look forward to introducing you, our prospective customer to this new world too.

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