How Paradigm Document Processing Can Boost Your Business

Document processing is the lifeline of any business. The ability to efficiently access information and process accurate transactions is fundamental to business success. If the right document processing systems are in place, this will increase productivity and efficiency.

Paradigm provides a primary foundation to communicate and process information that ensures accuracy and accessibility.

Organise your daily processing with Working Documents. Create a Working Document to serve as a central control document linking together all related transactions. Whether it is to manage a particular project, production run, shipment, season or harvest, you can link everything together to monitor and track performance.

You can link any transaction to a Working Document, from sales and purchase orders to delivery shipments and manufacturing work tickets. All of the tasks, discussions and attachments that are generated on any of the underlying documents all filter up onto the Working Document for complete visibility and control.

Document Types

All the operational documents you need, built on a customisable framework which allows you to design a document processing platform that suits your specific business requirements. Paradigm documents are fully integrated with Sage Pastel software to automatically post transactions into your financial system.

Customer Documents

Manage your customer contracts and process all of the related quotes, sales orders, invoices and credit notes.

Supplier Documents

Set up document workflows to process all of your supplier purchase orders and goods received notes.

Manufacturing Documents

Our simple manufacturing software manages the manufacturing process from raw material to finished goods.

Shipping Documents

Build containers and shipments to manage the quantities and values of both your incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Each customer site has individual requirements that can be customised accordingly. Access to certain data can be user specific for an easy user transition and experience.


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