Celebrating a Partnership with Synercore

Synercore and Paradigm Software’s strategic partnership is a valuable instrument to build good relationships with each of our customers and improving outcomes by exceeding expectations.

Paradigm Software and Synercore worked together to build a customisable business process management platform with advanced data analysis that meets Synercore’s specific business requirements. By investing in each other, the long-term potential, benefits both companies and ensures continued growth.

“Great work Louis, Wim & Paradigm Team. Paradigm now provides continuous improvement and real-time data within our business. This is extremely valuable in any dynamic and competitive sales environment. Thank You!” said Dr. Tertius Cilliers, CEO of Synercore.

“After a year of investigation Paradigm was chosen as the ERP/CRM package for Synercore due to the ability to sit with the Paradigm Team and adapt script to meet the specific needs of our operation”, said Louis Venter, Project Lead at Synercore.

Paradigm presented Synercore with a Certificate of Membership for being an active user of Paradigm Software.

Sam Hart from Paradigm presented Louis Venter and Wim Human from
Synercore the certificate at their Groene Weide Farm research facilities.

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