Powering up with Paradigm PRO

Anticipate a new world with Paradigm PRO with its light weight, faster and smoother features.


After 5 years of development we have re-invented our software to release Paradigm PRO, a faster, more intuitive and user friendly solution to manage your business.

Previously, Paradigm integrated with Sage Evolution, providing front-end software solutions and utilities. However, Sage Evolution always remained the stock control engine and master of all your data. This system design resulted in various restrictions which often limited our ability to truly innovate and build the complex solutions that many of our customers demand. As a result, we have reverse engineered this design concept and made Paradigm PRO the stock control module and master of all your operational data. Our integration with the financial system is now more light weight and stable sending in only financial transactions in the form of journal entries.

The simplified new design also allows us to easily integrate to more back-end financial systems. Paradigm PRO integrates with Sage 50 Pastel Xpress, Sage 50 Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution 100 (Standard) and Sage Evolution 200 (Premium). You can now re-invent your operational business systems/software without disrupting your financial department by integrating into your choice of accounting software.

We have also improved our framework technology in Paradigm PRO, providing more flexibility to customise the application to meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers.

Paradigm Software is an operational platform that allows customers to build a system that meets the specific requirements of their business. Much like its predecessor, Paradigm PRO continues to provide customised solutions for enhanced business collaboration.

Business Process Management and Custom Workflows

All the operational transactions you need, built on a customisable framework which allows you to design a platform that suits your specific business requirements. Paradigm PRO manages your entire workflow from sales, purchasing, manufacturing to deliveries and shipments. All financial transactions are automatically posted into your financial system.

Manufacturing Control

Simple and intuitive manufacturing software that saves many daily hours on stock counts, WIP reconciliations and data capturing in comparison to other complicated manufacturing systems. With minimal human input, Paradigm PRO provides all the data and key results required to manage your manufacturing operations.

Task Management

Simplify the way your teams communicate on tasks and activities. As the world becomes more fast paced, a digitised platform for visible tasks across teams encourages collaboration and productivity. The Paradigm PRO platform allows you to build custom rules to automatically generate tasks and to-do lists, automatically assigned to each users “my task” screen.

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting Tools

Use our flexible dashboard and reporting tools to quickly visualise your key business data, ensuring your teams keep moving the company in the right direction.

Customer Relationship Management

Sell smarter and faster by bringing all your customer information into a single platform that’s firmly integrated with your financial system. Nurture your relationships with leads and customers by tracking all tasks, interactions and documentation processed against their accounts.


Be more in control with your business with operational software that integrates with Sage 50 Pastel Xpress, Sage 50 Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution 100 (Standard) and Sage Evolution 200 (Premium).

We encourage creativity and innovation which ensures that our committed team go all out to deliver a positive customer experience. This in turn improves your operational effectiveness by giving you the boost your business needs.




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