Changing your World with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer. It’s available anywhere in the world, and can function as a proper desktop computer.

Raspberry Pi was designed to give access to the power of computing to people all over the world. The low-cost, high-performance device helps people to learn and solve problems.

The Raspbian operating system is a version of Linux built specifically for the Raspberry Pi. It comes packed with all the software you’ll need for every basic task with a computer. An SD card is inserted into the slot on the board that acts as the hard drive for the Raspberry Pi. It is powered by USB and the video output can be hooked up to a traditional RCA TV set, a more modern monitor, or even a TV using the HDMI port.

This small but powerful computer can be used via a RDP desktop PC and for reporting via dashboards, scanning and for whatever else your imagination visualises. 3rd party add-on hardware, i.e. 10.1” Touch Screen can be used to control the Pi without connecting a separate keyboard and mouse.

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Check out the specification of the Raspberry Pi 3B+

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