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A Synercore Case Study

In September 2016 Synercore Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a Food component manufacturer and wholesale trader company, approached Paradigm Software in search of a customisable platform, maintained and managed by users close to the source.

A system that allows food industry specific requirements, that was to control and represent inventory and costs related in multiple entities. Synercore wanted a system that allowed the user to view data in one entity, or in multiple entities, in one single view.

When going through the selection process there were plenty of aspects of Synercore’s business that had to be kept in mind. Louis Venter, Synercore’s Financial Manager stated, “Solutions at an acceptable cost was hard to come by. Either custom changes were very hard to implement or were very costly and Paradigm offered a reasonable price solution for our medium sized business with a highly customisable product and willingness to engage.”

Synercore expected Paradigm to build a platform that represented and controlled inventory held by multiple entities from a source through manufacture, to trade, streamlining and standardising processes throughout into a coherent system.

“Control and understanding data was the primary concern. The results Paradigm delivered can’t be defined in Rands. Efficiencies created allowed our business to reallocate resources, to include control functions where they previously performed capture functions,” said Louis Venter.

Louis made it clear that the investment in Paradigm as their main business management system has been very worthwhile and that their current operational procedures would have been more cumbersome and complex without Paradigm.

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