Paradigm the World Class Wonder

A Bisep Precision Engineering Case Study

Bisep Precision Engineering (Bisep), based in Blackheath Small Business Centre, is a company that functions within the CNC Production Turning, Milling, Line Boring, Gear Cutting and Manufacturing industry. Bisep operates and distributes to other companies nationwide.

When considering a new CRM and ERP software that is more suited for their requirements than their previous software, they were looking for a product that would ease the management of jobs and workflows through their production floors. “It was a question of moving with technology and becoming a world class manufacturer within our sector”, Howard Fortune, owner of Bisep, stated.

Howard wanted the ability to have reporting done and needed visibility of current workflows and sales orders in the pipeline for production. Andries Bester, Paradigm’s Director, and Bradley Johannessen, Paradigm’s Manufacturing Consultant, worked together to successfully achieve these goals. “With Paradigm we are now able to see where the bottlenecks are before they happen. We are able to deal with them immediately and deliver on time. There is no more running around looking for the order” (H. Fortune, 2018).

By using the Paradigm Manufacturing Module, Bisep gained the ability to see if their costings are correct or market related, whether their customer base was increasing or decreasing, what the lead and turn-around times are for deliveries.

Howard made it clear that if Paradigm was no longer available, his business would be at a great disadvantage and their business processes would no longer be world class.



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