Two Peas in a Pod

A Pearl Island Trading Case Study

Steve Anderson, Paradigm Managing Director, and Irmo Rapsch, Pearl Island Trading CEO, first met each other in the year 2000. Their relationship started with the implementation of point of sale and accounting software for Irmo’s previous company. Since then they have worked together on various projects establishing trust in one another.

In 2015 when Irmo learnt that Steve was developing Paradigm, he contacted him to ask if Paradigm had a manufacturing module for Pearl Island Trading, which at the time it didn’t. Steve said “I don’t know if we were brave or stupid or both”, but together they started working on what is now known as Paradigm’s Manufacturing Module.

Irmo’s expectation when starting his relationship with Paradigm was to effectively measure the manufacturing processes within his company. “The only software applications available to our knowledge were systems based on cost accounting principles. We were looking for a system that was easy to operate (one click) and would calculate cost/profit based on throughput” (Irmo Rapsch, 2018).

In his business it’s very important to quantify the cost of manufacturing and seeing the daily losses. Paradigm can measure the product put into production and declares the number of units by size produced as well as measuring the waste and recording thereof. Irmo wanted to know the exact breakdown of where the raw material was going. “Note that Paradigm is not about cost savings on any particular process, but rather the profits you can extract from your business with the timeous and accurate information that Paradigm delivers.” (Irmo Rapsch, 2018)

The end result and investment exceeded Irmo’s expectations as he saw the worth and functionality of Paradigm and how it made a positive impact on his company. “Paradigm is user friendly and gives you the information that you need to know” (Irmo Rapsch, 2018).

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