Team Paradigm Shines on Casual Day 2019

Paradigm’s staff arrived at work on Friday 6 September for Casual Day 2019 with a sparkle in their eye and their neon outfits, all in the name of supporting persons with disabilities and the Cheré Botha School.

Not only are South Africans resilient but we know how to unite for a worthwhile cause.  In addition to our neon attire, we decided to wear black as our base to support the women and children in our beloved country.

Research shows that violence against women and children remains extensive and is under reported. The victims of violence are not effectively supported by public services.  As a country we want this to change.  The empowerment of women and children can only be achieved through collaborated efforts of our society on a whole.

Let’s stand up and fight this together as a nation.

“Together we imagine a circle of compassion with no one standing outside of it.” – Peggy O’Neill

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