Understanding the Global Trend of Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting is a combined cloud service employing both private and public clouds to perform specific functions within the same business. These services are more cost effective and measurable than private clouds.

With hybrid cloud, a business can maximise their efficiencies and collaboration by utilising public cloud services for all operations and have data on hand at all times, and relying on a private cloud only where necessary, with it ensuring that all platforms are seamlessly coordinated and constantly backed up. Utilising hybrid clouds gives companies access to enterprise standard resources that are maintained by a third party, allowing onsite IT to focus on other important tasks. This service also empowers businesses that don’t have access to their own IT infrastructure to perform the necessary daily processes.

7 Reasons why Cloud Hosting is Beneficial

1. Work on the Move

As Cloud Hosting is powered by the internet, if you have a connection you are at work! This is especially beneficial to companies that provide onsite services and send out consultants. It enables them to do product demonstrations and have all data on hand at all times. It creates a flexible work space and employees can enjoy a work-life balance that suites them, without the company taking any productivity hits.

2. Constant Security

Restricted user access control to the Cloud Server ensures that all data is secured, and only enables certain users to access appropriate software or data. With Cloud Services you can bypass the stress related to lost or stolen hardware and having sensitive data exposed to outside sources. With Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) the device can even be wiped if necessary, still allowing you to have access to the data on the Cloud.

3. Disaster Recovery

Durable disaster recovery is of absolute importance to businesses of all sizes. Cloud Hosting enables you to back up all necessary documents and data. By outsourcing Cloud Hosting to professionals, your company benefits from the combined expertise of the individuals maintaining the health of your Servers.

4. Flexibility

Operational agility is one of the top reasons for businesses moving to Cloud Servers. As your company size fluctuates, without having to purchase better infrastructure, you can increase or decrease your Cloud Server capacity.

5. Automated Software Updates

Maintenance of systems is a service that is included in Hybrid Cloud Hosting. While you focus on growing your business, experienced professionals take care of software and security updates. The physical Servers are not held on your business premises, but retained locally at a secure, temperature controlled location.

6. Cost Effective

Hybrid Cloud Hosting allows you to avoid large hardware costs. As service providers work on a monthly subscription basis you pay as you go. Implementation and setup is also included and makes moving to the Cloud an easy process.

7. Competitiveness

The Cloud gives you access to enterprise standard technology. No matter what the size of your company, you will be able to compete with larger established companies, as you have the same resources (if not better) at your availability.





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